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Samsung Galaxy S3 review - 4G LTE, Android OTA update

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 14:02

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Did you get any solution of this problem. i have also faced same problem. phone stucked at Samsung Logo. So please advice me how to open it. Thank you

How to update the Samsung Galaxy s3 to the latest firmware

THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I 8767 ve been on the phone with Verizon for hours and visited the store to try to get the latest Android update with no success. I followed these directions, and it worked flawlessly! I feel like I have a new phone. Thanks again.

How to update your Samsung Galaxy s3 with Kies

i always get no update available. But i heard there is a update available. Recently i updated my s8 with the cell info display error is that the reason i am not able to update ?

When I try to update using Kies, it comes up with update failed, unknown error. I have done a factory reset on the phone and tried again but I still get the same error.

The message you get when trying to update your s8 means that you will have to wait until it is your turn. Samsung does not alow everyone to update at the same time, as this would likely take down their servers. As for the error you get when you are using Kies I would try reinstalling or updating Kies to the latest software version and give it another try. Hope this helps and Merry X-mas :-)

[ ] first Samsung Galaxy Android Oreo update continues to inch closer as the company continues to prepare ahead of the [ ]

hey.. please help me , i have gs8 and its not updating , every time i check it said u have latest version,i have but there is version available in a market..i hav done every thing like rboot my phone,factory reset but nothing happend.. then i downloaded kies into laptop n tried to upgrade through kies , it shows that there is update i presses update it asked me to make back up after that step connection lost to phone appered every time : ( ( ( ( ( plz reply me soon..thanks

I HATE this latest update! I had EVERYTHING set PERFECTLY in the old settings and now I can 8767 t change them back to how I like them! I want this update OFF OF MY PHONE. The lock screen layout is what I hate the absolute most! I dont want my private messages on the screen for whomever is around me or holding my phone to see! Worst thing I 8767 ve ever had to deal with with you guys! Ridiculous!!!

6) I can 8767 t even send txt messages normally. It takes so long for the screen to come up, when I start to type there is a huge delay, then there is a huge delay in sending the messages, when a new message comes in you have to click out of the screen and then you see the new message! When you receive a message a huge box comes up on the home screen, not a little circle like before with the # of txt.
7) When a phone call comes the camera flash light begins to flash, that is unacceptable, I do not want it to flash!
If I am at work or at a theater (lets just say anywhere where you don 8767 t want a bright light to be coming off your phone) why is it set up this way. I do not see an option to take it off anywhere!
8) All of the icons are horrible and square, nothing is compact and neat!
9) On the lock screen the alarm appears, why? I do not want that time to be displayed side by side with the time!

I want to update my s8 but i dont have a software update tab in the 8775 about phone 8776 section any help pls?

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