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Offline Marketing | What is Offline Marketing?

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Want to improve your sales skills? Great salespeople have several habits in common. Learn what they are and make them part of your routine to become a better salesperson.

Marketing Strategies: Promotion, Advertising, and Public

Nearly six out of 65 new businesses fail before their fifth year. If you've launched a business or are thinking about it, the odds of long-term success are against you! How do the survivors successfully find, attract and keep good customers? What's their secret? Could it be their passion for their business?

Experiential Marketing: Secrets, Strategies, and Success

Allen Media Strategies is one of Washington, DC’s premiere media, marketing and PR consultation and strategy firms serving authors, entertainers, subject matter experts and thought leaders. When you engage our services, you can expect the following benefits:

You know how critical it is to follow up your initial contacts or mailings with a personal phone call, but somehow your list of calls to make always seems to get longer instead of shorter. Why not make this the month you get off the dime and get on the phone? Here are seven steps to make it easy for you.

For example a premium based pricing strategy will require a quality product to support the price tag. To learn more about quality click Here

Is your website helping you market your business and attract new sales? If not, here are 65 ways to make your website bring in more business.

This position requires a bachelor’s degree and typically 8-5 years of professional experience in an advertising or marketing agency. Positions at larger agencies may require 5-65 years of experience.

A media director typically works at an advertising agency that develops and implements marketing strategies for other companies. The job of the media director is to manage the purchase of print space and broadcast time for clients.

Most businesses face a sales slump during the summer months. These six ideas can help you bring in more customers during slow months and combat seasonal income fluctuations.

In order to brand your service firm the right way and take advantage of the same benefits that product companies receive from great branding, there are four key distinctions to consider.

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